Aberdeen Gare

Location de voiture Aberdeen Gare

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College Street Car Park L8, AB11 6FD Aberdeen


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08:00 - 17:00


09:00 - 12:00

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Location de voiture à Aberdeen Dyce - Sixt

Dès votre arrivée à Aberdeen Dyce, vous pourrez louer une voiture Sixt pour partir explorer cette magnifique région. Que vous soyez en déplacement professionnel ou personnel, une voiture de location vous accompagnera dans toute l'Écosse. En ce haut lieu de l'industrie et du pétrole, de nombreux professionnels pourront se rendre à leurs rendez-vous dans toute la région avec leur voiture de location. Les particuliers désireux de découvrir la splendeur des lieux depuis Dyce pourront s'y adonner dès leur arrivée et en toute liberté.

Location de voiture à Aberdeen Dyce - Sixt
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Une voiture adaptée à chacun

Une voiture adaptée à chacun

La location de voiture chez Sixt est simple et rapide. Il vous suffit de choisir la catégorie de véhicules adaptée à vos besoins et de réserver en ligne ou via l'application Sixt. Vous pourrez découvrir Dyce et ses environs avec plaisir grâce à une gamme de voitures récentes et de qualité. Le service comprend des services de base, comme un kilométrage élevé et une assurance et vous serez libre de personnaliser votre location avec d'autres options selon vos envies. Vous pourrez choisir parmi des voitures classiques ou des breaks, des coupés et des cabriolets pour être en parfaite harmonie avec la beauté des lieux, un 4x4 ou un monospace pour les familles nombreuses, ou encore un utilitaire si vous avez besoin de davantage de place. Avec Sixt, faites le choix qui vous correspond.

Découvrez les avis clients!

  • 4.3 / 37 Avis

Simon R.

Always found the service at this branch friendly fast and efficient. Easy to get to and away from and conveniently close to the centre of town.

Britt W.

I've used Sixt at the Aberdeen Train Station a few times now - they are always kind, helpful, and accommodating. Naomi and the other staff have been very friendly with any questions or post-hire issues. They are also flexible with late drop-offs, which is helpful if the highland roads add a bit of time on your journey!

My only issue with Sixt is not being able to contact the office directly (as comms or lost-and-found items must all go through their central site), but any time interacting with the Aberdeen staff has been very pleasant.


All in all, would recommend and will continue to hire from them!

Abdulhamid N.

Best part of the experience is the fact that you are providing a very nice and luxury vehicles for young people who are 23 and 24 years old. I am personally 24 y.o. and I love cars back home I own 2 BMW’s 5 series and X5. So it was very pleasant to get new modern fully equipped cars from your branch. Website is very nice and easy to use. Prices are alright, could be cheaper, since the difference between 24 and 25 y.o. is huge almost 3 times but the fact is that in real life driving experience between the man who is 24 and man who is 25 y.o. is not any significant, most of the cases I know a lot of people same age as me or younger but that are driving way more better and safer than most of the elder people. So, I think that you should re-adjust prices according to the time of holding driving license and owning car as well as real driving experience. Because even if I am 24 years old, I am driving since 18. And till now have 0 accidents and 0 tickets from the police and there are lots of people same as me. So, if you could lower or adjust the prices for 23 and 24 y.o. that would be great you will get 10 times more customers for sure:)


I have suggested your company to 3 of my friends and 2 of them actually used it. One got BMW another one got Citroen. But both of them told me that its little bit uncomfy paying for car + paying 400 or 500 pounds for the deposit since we are students or young workers and then waiting 5 or 7 working days to get the deposit back is a little bit on the bad side, but personally for me I am totally fine with it.


Would be better if you added some more automatic vehicles to your list. Since almost everyone renting car here are used for the left-hand drive compared to the RHD here in UK. So automatic is always better for the first time.


Coming back to experience, generally very happy. Cars are good. Prices are okay. The stuff is amazing. That guy Mitchel/Michael (Aberdeen city Train Station department) is literally the best rental guy I have met in my life. And I have rented a lot of cars since I am traveling a lot. He is very friendly, helpful and smart he knows everything about the cars and always helps with picking the right one. 10/10 experience.


Thank you very much, you are a very good company, keep it up!


Kind Regards, Abdulhamid Naghiyev